RMS Celebrates 20 YEARS IN 2020!


Launched in 2000, RMS owns and operates a series of notable hospitality & event orientated venues throughout Brisbane. Riding on the success of the iconic Pavilion Bar, Jorge Bar and Botanical Cafe, Functions & Events, 

RMS now boasts 13 contemporary hospitality outlets currently trading in Brisbane City & Fortitude Valley.

The RMS Group celebrates its 20th year working within the Queensland Food & Beverage sector and prides itself on being an industry leader and highly sought after hospitality operator.  Built on a strong sales & customer service focused platform, both directors continue to work intimately in the businesses day to day operations. 

The companies culture is at the forefront of each of the teams thoughts & actions. We are truly blessed to have such talented, committed & genuinely beautiful people working for us and looking after our loyal customers each & every day.  Our staff are a testament to our businesses strength and character and the reason we have been able to grow and succeed.

Whilst the RMS Group has attracted a lot of media attention over recent years for its growth within the food & beverage industry, RMS has not lost sight of the 20 year journey we've walked to get here. As a highly regarded operator within the CBD, the RMS Group have always been focused on creating partnerships which continues to be a major contributing attribute to the companies philosophies and ongoing success. 



Our mission stems from our company culture and our belief that our customers, staff & business objectives each play an equal yet pivotal role in RMS’s company’s success. 

Our company’s philosophy is nurtured by these three key beliefs:


Everyone who encounters the RMS brand will receive the RMS experience.


Everyone who works within RMS has a vital role to play and is therefore to be respected for their contribution.

Company Objectives:

To facilitate our growth & expansion, we must focus on meeting our company’s financial objectives.